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Rent In Advance for Letting Agents

Stand out from the competition by offering your landlords an advanced rent option.

Offer your landlords an advanced rent option

Advanced Rent has been helping letting agents secure new landlords by offering an advanced rent option to their customers. Since 2011, we have been offering this industry-leading service which pays landlords 6 months' rent in advance on the first day of the tenancy.

With Rent In Advance, Advanced Rent will pay your landlord the first six months of the tenancy rent, minus our combined fee. We then handle collecting payments from the tenant over the 6 months. On month 7, the landlord can choose to have another 6-month advance or they can go back to a monthly management fee.

This service includes rent guarantee insurance as standard meaning any issues that occur during the tenancy will be covered. Our legal team will handle the full eviction process if required to obtain legal vacant possession of your landlord's property.

Benefits of Rent In Advance Includes:

Benefits of Rent In Advance Includes:

  • Receive your management fee 6 months in advance

  • Attract more landlords by differentiating from the local competition

  • Includes Rent Guarantee Insurance

  • Cost of eviction covered if a tenant falls into arrears

  • Premium service backed by some of the best global insurers

How's it works

  • ​​You pass us the detail of your property and potential or incumbent tenant
    We conduct a full reference on them or review a reference previously conducted
    We arrange set up of the tenancy, and digital signature & protect the deposit
    On the first day of the tenancy, we pay your landlord 6 months' rent in advance less our contribution fee


Find out how you can start offering your landlords a rent in advance option today

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