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Rent Guaranteed
for Letting Agents 

Offer a premium service that pays your landlord's rent on time. 

Ensure your landlords receive their rent on time.

As a letting agent, keeping on top of rent payments is essential for maintaining long-standing relationships with your landlords. In some cases, non-payment of rent from a tenant can lead to eviction cases which can cost you time, money and your relationship with that landlord.

Advanced Rent’s Managed Rent Collection service guarantees your landlord receives their rent on time and guarantees your monthly management fee. Subject to the tenant passing successful reference, the service will also cover the costs to evict should a tenant fall into arrears.


With Rent Guaranteed you can: 


Improve relationships with your landlords

Late or non-payment of rent can put a strain on any relationship. Rent Guaranteed pays the rent on time every month, removing the damage a bad tenant can cause


Enhance your fully managed service 

Rent Guaranteed gives landlords financial security and enables agents to charge a higher management fee by including it in their managed service. 


Remove the cost of chasing arrears 

The freedom from chasing rent and the associated administrative burden also gives agents more time to grow their own business.

How does it work?

Rent Guaranteed is a comprehensive rent collection service that ensures timely payments to you or your landlord each month, regardless of whether the tenants have fulfilled their obligations. Our dedicated rent management team takes care of all aspects, including handling any rent arrears and eviction cases that may arise. With this service in place, you can confidently shift your focus to other areas of your business, knowing that you have a reliable and dedicated team managing your rental income.


Even in unfortunate scenarios where tenants fall into arrears, our service remains steadfast, continuing to pay the rent promptly each month. Additionally, our specialist team takes charge of the entire eviction process, securing legal vacant possession when necessary. Rest assured, with Rent Guaranteed, you have the peace of mind and support needed to navigate any rental challenges that may arise.


Key benefits: 

A flexible approach to
rent collection for letting agents

We recognize that every business is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. We will collaborate with you to ensure seamless integration of this service that aligns perfectly with your business.


Our team of experienced insurance specialists will provide valuable guidance on how you can effectively incorporate our service in a manner that suits your operations best.


We value the input of our letting agent partners and are open to exploring new approaches and ideas. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, as we constantly strive to improve and enhance our collaborative working relationship.

  • Who is the insurer of your Tenant Contents Insurance
    Our Tenants Contents cover is underwritten by a panel of cherry picked insurers consisting of Axa, LV, RSA and UK General.
  • Who should i contact in the event of a claim?
    In the event of a claim, you should contact your underwriter which will be detailed on your certificate of insurance.
  • Can i transfer my No Claims Discount (NCD) from another policy?
    Yes. If there is more than one person named on the policy with two different NCD, the higher can be used I'm sharing the property but the only one named on the tenancy agreement.
  • Are we all covered by this policy?
    The policy covers you, your partner and any other person permanently living with you under their tenancy agreement (including any children or foster children). The policy does not cover lodgers or other tenants not covered under your tenancy agreement.
  • What is the cooling off period for this cover?
    There's a 14 day cooling off period from the start of the policy. In the event of cancellation after the cooling off period, a pro rata refund will be given if no claim has been made.
  • What is the most i can claim for one item?
    The most you can claim for any one valuable is £2,500 unless the item is specified on the policy.
  • I work from home, is my business equipment covered?"
    Business equipment is covered up to the sum insured for clerical work only. Business equipment is defined as computer equipment, printers, photocopiers, computer aided design equipment, office furniture and furnishings and telecommunications equipment used in any way for business purposes. This does not include any property held as stock.
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