Rent In Advance

An advanced rent option that secures your rental income, every 6 months.

Get 6 months rent upfront, every 6 months

As any property investor knows, sometimes you need a lump sum in hand as opposed to separate payments spread over time. If you find yourself in need of capital, our Rent In Advance service is designed to provide you with the resources you need to grow.

A premium service built with landlords in mind.

With Rent In Advance, we will pay you the first six months of your rent, minus a small fee on the first day of the tenancy. We then handle collecting payments from the tenant over the duration of the six months.
At the end of the sixth month, you can decide to receive another advanced payment, or return to having your tenant pay you on a monthly basis.

The best part? Rent In Advance is guaranteed income. In the event that your tenant stops paying rent, you still keep the full advanced payment. We take care of any tenant in arrears, meaning less stress and fewer headaches for you. In the unfortunate case of eviction, we’ll also manage the repossession of your property.

With Rent In Advance, you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance, offering additional peace of mind and comfort. As an added bonus, Rent In Advance comes with a dedicated rent management team so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Benefits of Rent In Advance Includes:

  • Guarantee your cashflow - 6 months' rent upfront, every 6 months

  • Peace of mind - Forget about rent collection hassle and rent arrears

  • Fixed fee - from 12.5% of annual rental income (including all taxes) with no hidden costs

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance - Included as standard. 

How's it works

  • ​You pass us the detail of your property and potential or incumbent tenant

  • We conduct a full reference on them or review a reference previously conducted

  • We arrange setup of the tenancy, digital signature & protect the deposit

  • On the first day of the tenancy, we pay you 6 months rent in advance less our fee


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