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Tenant Referencing for Letting Agents 

Comprehensive tenant referencing to reduce voids in your business.

The Importance of Tenant Referencing

Ensuring you find the best tenants for your managed properties is important to ensure you maintain long-term relationships with your landlords. We all know what makes a good tenant but trying to determine who will meet the terms of their tenancy agreement, can be a very time-consuming task. Time which could be better spent on other areas of your business.

You want to be putting forward tenants that are financially able to pay rent on time, will not cause damage to your landlord's property and do not have a history of bad credit or poor tenancy references. Unfortunately, you cannot simply take someone on their word therefore the best way to ensure you know who you are putting forward to your landlords is through good quality referencing.

Why choose us? 

A fully comprehensive reference you can trust.

Take confidence in knowing we will fully vet the suitability of your tenants before moving in. We take an in-depth and forensic view on affordability, providing advice and insight to the landlord’s agent as things are not always black and white, especially since the pandemic.

We have so much confidence in our referencing process, that we use it to underpin and guarantee our Rent in Advance product where we advance 6 months’ rent against the tenant's ability to pay their rent.

Dedicated team

After your reference is set up, our team will fully manage the process up until completion offering advice and guidance on a prospective applicant before completion. Just simply set the reference up on our portal and we handle the rest.

Easy to follow system

Keep up to date with ongoing applications through full access to our referencing portal, meaning you are never left in the dark on the progress of your references. Our system can also be accessed any time of day on your laptop, computer or smartphone.

Cloud based referencing portal

Our cloud-based portal has several automatic processes including API access to Credit Reference agencies and Open Banking to help speed up the referencing process.

Comprehensive recommendations report helping you decide

After completion of a reference, you are provided with a full recommendation report giving you all information our team have verified during the process allowing you to make an informed decision on your prospective tenants following the Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice section 11g.

Guarantee the tenancy performance through insurance

Successful applicants automatically qualify for our suite of insurance products allowing you to earn commission and offer your landlords an additional and important layer of protection.

Our Tenant Referencing reports include:

  • 6-year credit history check

  • Address verification and linked address summary

  • Employment and income verification

  • Previous landlord reference and verification

  • Affordability analysis

  • Credit score

  • Right to rent

  • Open banking data assessment

All of this information is collected and uploaded to our cloud-based reference portal, which you can access easily at any time. The system helps you keep up to date with ongoing applications so you are never left out of the loop. Also, our dedicated referencing team are on hand to provide help and guidance during the referencing process.

Register to our online referencing portal now to start benefiting from this industry-leading service!

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