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Tenants Liability Insurance

Tenant Liability Insurance

No matter how careful we are, accidents in the home can happen at any time. For home owners, repairing any damage should be pretty straightforward if they've home insurance. But what about those who are renting a property?

As part of their tenancy agreement, a tenant may be liable for covering the cost of repairing accidental damage they've caused to their landlord's property.

Our Tenants Liability cover provides protection for tenants in the event of accidental damage to their landlord's property, for which they'd be liable for under the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Whether they're renting a furnished or unfurnished property, we've got tenants covered:


  • £5,000 of cover as standard A choice of 6 or 12 months cover


  • Payment methods to suit all needs and budgets, including monthly or annual direct debit and annual credit or debit card


  • £100 excess per claim


  • To be eligible for our cover all we ask is that: The tenant has a tenancy agreement in place for the property they're renting

Tenants Liability Insurance

Protect yourself and your tenancy deposit against accidental damage caused to your rental property.

Tenants Contents Insurance

Tenants Contents Insurance policy has been designed to meet the specific needs of those living
in a rented property.

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