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Rent Guaranteed

A managed rent collection service that pays you your rent on time.

Receive your rent on time with Rent Guaranteed

Keeping track of rent payments and chasing tenants for arrears can be a major headache, which can impact your quality of life. 

Not to mention the impact of having to fund and manage an eviction case if your tenant stops paying their rent.

Rent Guaranteed is a premium service which will remove the cost and hassle that comes with managing tenancy arrears meaning you can relax knowing you will receive your rent on time.

What is Rent Guaranteed?

Rent Guaranteed is a premium rent management service which pays your rent on time every month.
We will completely remove tenancy arrears from your property portfolio while removing the stress and time cost associated with chasing your tenant for their rent arrears.  
It features all the benefits of our Rent Guarantee Insurance but also equips you with a dedicated account team that handles every aspect of rent collection.
Although similar to rent guarantee insurance, with rent guaranteed you receive the rent on the due date every month. Usually, with rent guarantee insurance, there is a delay in the payments being made to you. Also, you would be responsible for chasing the tenant for their arrears in the first instance.

What are the Benefits of Rent Guaranteed?

  • Coverage for all regulatory compliance requirements under UK new tenant law

  • Prevent missed rent payments

  • We chase down tenants who haven't paid rent

  • No costs to you if legal action is taken

  • No costs associated with rent arrears

Rent Guarantee+

  • AST production

  • Digital Signatures

  • Collection of first and last month's rent

  • Deposit management

Request a call back from our team to find out how you can guarantee your monthly rental income.


How does it work?

Step 1 
Your tenants are comprehensively referenced by Advanced Rent through our cloud-based referencing platform.
Once the tenant referencing is complete, our team will send you a final report for your own records

Step 2
Complete our form on our cloud-based portal and your account manager will contact you advising what additional documentation we may need – this includes Deposit Prescribed information, Inventories or other compliance documents that may be needed. 

Step 3
Once all tenancy documents have been checked, your tenancy will be covered under Rent Guaranteed. 


We will contact the tenant to notify them to stop paying you rent. We will then takeover the rent management & rent collection for this tenancy. If your tenant stops paying their rent, we will continue to pay you the rent up until legal vacant possession is obtained. 

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