Deposit Replacement Insurance

An off-the-shelf product to help let your properties faster while providing more protection than a traditional deposit.

Protect your property against damage and rent arrears.

Deposits are meant to help landlords cover any costs associated with damage incurred by tenants. In an ideal world, you’d have easy access to this money to quickly make any necessary repairs and minimize downtime between tenants. Yet, if a tenant disputes your claims, gaining access to a security deposit can involve protracted legal battles that cost tens of thousands of pounds. In many cases, mediators and judges tend to side with tenants, meaning you’re left to cover the cost of repairs and missed rent out of your pocket.

What is deposit replacement insurance?

Deposit Replacement Insurance helps you protect your properties against such events. When you take out a 12-month policy, you receive coverage for up to £50,000 in legal fees associated with the disbursement of security deposit funds. If your tenant absconds, your policy will also cover 6 to 12 weeks in rent and arrears to cover the costs of repairs aimed at fixing damages to your property.

Deposit Replacement Insurance isn’t just beneficial for landlords. It also makes properties more attractive to renters, as they know they are less likely to be stuck with high fees and feel confident in your ability to find funds.

What is covered?

  • £50,000 Legal Expenses

To negotiate any dilapidations dispute with your tenant following an end of tenancy check our or mid-term inspection.

  • 6 or 12 weeks rent for rent arrears or dilapidations

Where we are not able to negotiate a settlement in respect of your claim, the insurer will instead pay the amount you are claiming from the tenant, subject to a maximum amount equivalent to 6 or 12 weeks' rent.

  • No Excess

There is no excess to pay under this insurance


  • 12 Month Cover

Each policy lasts for 12 months, therefore, does need renewing. Renew each year for as little as £78.40 on residential tenancies.

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