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HMO Rent Guarantee Insurance

All the benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance at a fraction of the cost.

Cover 4 tenants  from just £350.00 for 12 months

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Guarantee your peace of mind and secure your rental income without breaking the bank with Advanced Rent's industry-leading HMO Rent Guarantee Insurance.


Instead of taking one policy per room which can cost you thousands, Advanced Rent can cover multiple tenants on one insurance policy for a fraction of the cost while still receiving all the same benefits of rent guarantee insurance.

Are you a landlord tired of dealing with late rent payments or unexpected tenant defaults?


Worried about how you'll cover the mortgage if your tenant can't pay?


Are you wondering about the impact one bad tenant can have on your other tenants?

With Advanced Rent Guarantee Insurance, you can put those worries to rest.


Why Choose HMO
Rent Guarantee Insurance?

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100% Rental Income Assurance: 

 We've got your back! In case your tenant defaults on rent, we'll step in and cover your rental income. Rents up to £8000pcm covered


Multiple tenants covered under one policy 

Instead of taking one policy per room, cover up to 6 tenants on one insurance helping you keep track of renewal dates. 


Flexible Payment Options:

Pay annually in one lump or spread the cost over 12 months. 


Partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry

Trusted by leading landlords nationwide, we bring expertise and reliability to the table.


Rave Reviews from Satisfied Landlords

See what our customers say about us! (Testimonials section below)

Reducing the risks of managing rental property since 2011

Since 2011 we have been providing innovative tenant referencing and insurance products for Landlords, Letting Agents and Tenants. Our ever-expanding suite of products is constantly adapting to market conditions to ensure you have the best possible protection when managing rental property.

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Working With some of the biggest names in the industry

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I was skeptical at first, but Advanced Rent's guarantee insurance proved to be a game-changer. It saved me during a difficult tenant situation, and now I recommend it to all fellow landlords"

D Amos, Private Landlord

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