Landlord Rent Guaranteed

A managed rent collection service that pays you your rent on time. 

Many landlords maintain active careers in addition to owning property. Having to keep track of and manage dozens of rent payments each month can be a major headache. Not to mention the fact that it’s possible tenants don’t pay on time, or even at all. Do you have the time and energy to send regular reminders to ensure they pay? And what if the tenant stops paying altogether? You can’t afford to miss a mortgage payment or experience reduced income.

Rent Guaranteed is a premium service that offers landlords complete peace of mind. It features all the benefits of our Rent Guarantee Insurance but also equips you with a dedicated account team that handles every aspect of rent collection.

How does it work?

Advanced Rent will pay your rent on the due date even if the tenant hasn't paid, ensuring you don’t miss out on the income you have already budgeted for. Our rent management team is responsible for collecting rent from your tenants each month. In the event a tenant doesn’t pay, we’ll take care of managing any arrears and collecting the owed rent. If eviction proceedings must be initiated, we handle those, as well up until legal vacant possession is obtained. For an added fee, Landlords can add additional home emergency protection, which covers you in case of catastrophic emergencies at your property, such as boiler breakdown or burst water pipe.

What are the Benefits of Rent Guaranteed?

  • Coverage for all regulatory compliance requirements under UK new tenant law

  • Prevent missed rent payments

  • We chase down tenants who haven't paid rent

  • No costs to you if legal action is taken

  • No costs associated with rent arrears

Rent Guarantee+

  • AST production

  • Digital Signatures

  • Collection of first and last month's rent

  • Deposit management

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