Landlord Rent Guarantee 

Protects you if your tenant can't or won't pay.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Rent Guarantee Insurance. Even the best of tenants can experience sudden changes in their financial circumstances. What do you do if they stop paying rent? Of course, there are the appropriate legal actions you can  take, but that won’t cover your lost rent in the short-term. While tenant references can vet someone’s past, it can’t predict their future.

Why Choose Rent Guarantee Insurance?

With Rent Guarantee Insurance, you are able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your rent is covered, no matter what situation your tenants find themselves in. Your policy covers the cost of rent in the event that your tenant still stays in the property but does not pay their rent. The Insurance will also cover the cost and handle the eviction process up until legal vacant possession has been obtained.

What are the Benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance?

  • Legal costs and expenses up to £75,000 per insured incident – for eviction costs, legal defence, damage, rent recovery 

  • Rent arrears, up to a maximum amount of £2,500 per calendar month from the date the tenant first falls into arrears paid until legal vacant possession 

  • 75% of the rent for up to two months after gaining legal vacant possession if the property cannot be re-let right away due to damage

  • Variable payment options available

  • We also have a unique option available for HMO's 

Enjoy the safety and security of full rent protection with Advanced Rent’s Rent Guarantee Insurance!

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Tenant referencing with Rent guarantee insurance is designed to protect your income if your tenant fails to pay their rent.  

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