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Property Compliance Package

Eliminate the risk of £30,000 fines for non-compliance today for just £14.99 per month! 

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In recent years the property industry has become a complex landscape to navigate with the introduction of endless regulations and legislation. It’s no surprise that landlords and investors are often uncertain of their obligations and struggle to stay up to date with industry standards

That's why we've partnered with Yuno to help ensure your properties are compliant and to protect you against large fees of up to £30,000.

Yuno puts both the needs of you and the wider sector at the heart of what they do, developing solutions to help drive higher standards and a more sustainable future for the property industry.


By utilising Yuno you can: 


Sleep easy at night

Make large industry fines and unsafe tenants a thing of the past. Yuno keeps you risk-free from complex legislation and market changes, including licensing and article 4 planning permission.


Get more from your portfolio

Compare the most lucrative ways to the property from Serviced Accommodation, Long Let, Local Housing Authority and HMO Let (Co-Living or Bedsit HMO).


Build your dynamic Journey to Let/Investment

Based on your exact property and Letting type, we build you a detailed step-by-step journey on getting ready to let or investment. (UK Mainland).

Property Compliance Made Easy.

Yuno's property compliance tool and Advanced Rents range of insurance-backed products and services can be the perfect string to your bow to maintain compliance and reduce the impact of unexpected events which can occur during the tenancy. 

Working With some of the biggest names in the industry

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I was skeptical at first, but Advanced Rent's guarantee insurance proved to be a game-changer. It saved me during a difficult tenant situation, and now I recommend it to all fellow landlords"

D Amos, Private Landlord

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